Funnel Gag Beer Bong

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Midnight Blue says:
Our Funnel Gag is a true one of a kind. The funnel has a screen inside to slow the flow, and a securing strap holds the funnel up to the forehead. The funnel tube has been coated on the outside with liquid rubber to prevent leakage.  Funnel is detachable for cleaning.

We created this beauty in our leather shop in 1999. All of our hardware in hardened and chromed steel, our buckles are roller type, with locking capability, our leather is die cut with buffed edges, the mouth piece is hand dipped in soft plastic. We know this gag, because we designed it and we use it.

This product is available Black, Red or Yellow with Black leather or PVC Straps.

Strap length, around head, 22 inches from buckle end to last hole.

Hand Made in the USA.