Ring Gag Harness

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Midnight Blue says:
Our "Super Grip Ring Gag Harness"™ is different from any you will ever find.

We make them in sizes that will actually fit comfortably into most people's mouths. This product is available in Black, Red, and Yellow.

Rings measure:
1" Inside Diameter 1 1/2" Outside Diameter
1 1/4" Inside Diameter 1 3/4" Outside Diameter
1 1/2" Inside Diameter 2" Outside Diameter
1 3/4" Inside Diameter 2 1/4" Outside Diameter
2" Inside Diameter 2 1/2" Outside Diameter
2 1/4" Inside Diameter 2 5/8" Outside Diameter

Harness measures the following:
From the front yoke over the head to the back buckle 16" longest and 11" Shortest.
All the way around the of head under the chin 32" Longest 21" Shortest.
Around the back of the head from end of ball to end of ball 18" Longest 13" Shortest

All Ring Sizes are given BEFORE they are dipped and WILL vary in size as a finished product by 1/8 inch or more

In our one of a kind process each ball is hand dipped in Synthetic Rubber (latex and plastic free) 4 times. This Synthetic Rubber dries into a hard yet flexible form and is often used in to coat instruments. This dipping process is very time-consuming and must be done at just the right temperature, or it bubbles and drips.

When dry the ring is riveted to latigo (or PVC) straps.

We've completely redesigned our Ring Gag Harness.

We moved the face straps closer together so they cover the eyes less and are closer to the nose.

We made the side straps all one piece so they are also the chin strap (no more buckle on the chin!) and it goes all the way over the head. The straps slide through a retainer piece that is attached to the ring strap. It can be adjusted on both sides for a perfect fit.

Again the strap position in the back can be adjusted because it slides. Notice the O ring on top for a leash or hanging.

The entire harness weights about 5 ozs less than a normal ring gag harness.

Once the harness is adjusted it can be removed by unbuckling the back strap and can be re installed completely adjusted.

This product is available in Black Leather, Red Leather, Pink Patent, Purple Patent or Black PVC Straps. Locking Buckle.

Lock NOT included.

 Hand Made in the USA!